/stop (and /shut)

Stop a running local Uniface Router.

Windows: urouter/stop | /shut="ServiceName"

Non-Windows: urouter /stop {NetworkConnector:+PortNumber} {:TLSProfile}


  • ServiceName—Windows only. Name of a urouter service on , installed using the /inst switch.
  • NetworkConnector—three-letter code for the network connector; one of TCP or TLS.
  • PortNumber—port number on which the server or Uniface Router listens. If omitted, the default depends on the type of server and protocol. For the Uniface Router on TCP, it is 13001.
  • TLSProfile—name of a TLS connection profile that is defined in the [NET_SETTINGS] section of the assignment file; applicable only if NetworkConnector is TLS. For more information, see TLS Connection Profiles.

Use With

urouter—Uniface Router. For more information, see urouter.


The /stop switch is used only on the urouter command line to stop a running Uniface Router. It causes a Forced stop, meaning that all shared servers are stopped immediately, clients are disconnected, and the Uniface Router exits. Client applications and exclusive servers are not stopped.

It is not possible to use the urouter /stop command to stop a remote Uniface Router.

For more information, see Stop and Start the Uniface Router and Start the Uniface Router on iSeries.

Stopping a Uniface Router

Windows: urouter /stop ="Uniface 9 URouter"

Unix: urouter /stop tcp:+13001