urm info

Set a user-defined archive file version and description that can be displayed by other utilities.

urm {Switches} info ArchiveFile {+ArchiveFile} {Options}


See urm


  • ArchiveFile—name of an archive file, including path and extension
  • Options—additional parameters to control what is listed or validated.
Options for urm info




Set the description of the archive file. If there is already a description, it is overwritten.


Set the version for the archive file. The version property can only be written once. It cannot be overwritten.


A Uniface archive file (UAR) holds an information record that contains the following information:

  • Name of the archive file
  • Version of Uniface used to create the UAR
  • Creation date
  • UAR version
  • Description

You can use urm info to set the values of the last two properties.

Note:  You can only use this function once. The properties cannot be set separately. For example, if you set the version but not the description, it is not possible to add the description later.

The information can be displayed by the /who command line switch or the urm show command.

Using urm info

The following example shows that an existing description is overwritten:

urm info C:\u10\myarchive.uar -description="Adapted by MyCorp for YourCorp." –version="A10.1.4"

Using urm show displays the information as:

Archive (myarchive) created with  : ( 0806)
Archive (myarchive) creation date : 28 Aug 2014  14:16:00
Archive (myarchive) description   : Adapted by MyCorp for YourCorp.
Archive (myarchive) version       : A10.1.4