Message Level 128: All Calls to Global Objects and Descriptors

These messages record all calls for global objects and descriptors, whether they are stored in UAR files, URR and DOL files, or in database tables UOBJ, ULANA, and USYSANA.

Note: This message level quickly builds a very large message frame.

Calls to UARs

When calling for objects in a UAR, the messages show which UAR file is opened, which objects are obtained from which source, and which objects could not be found.

Object Lookup:UAR
Object size=Size:Type/Name{@Library@Language}

For example:

Object Lookup: d:\myapp\my_app.uar
Object size=0000220 edc/customer@acme.edc
Object Lookup: d:\uniface\common\usys\usys.uar
Object NOTFOUND   [0] prc/$$register@system_library.prc
Object Lookup: d:\myapp\myapp_messages.uar
Object size=0000032 msg/busy@myapp@usa.msg

Calls to URR Files (Classic Deployment Only)

These messages are issued by both the URR build utility and by calls to URR files.

  • For calls to a URR file, the messages show which URR file is opened, which descriptors are obtained from which source, and which descriptors could not be found.
  • For the results of the URR file building utility (/urr for classic deployment). /urr messages show which component descriptors are placed into the URR file, and from where they were retrieved.

When calling for global objects in URR files, the message identifies the target object and shows where it was located:

Object: type =Code, lang =Language, lib =Library, id =Name;Location.

Object Type Codes


Object type




Device translation table.




Message, help text, or language setup.


Global Proc or global variable.


Keyboard translation table.


Menu bar or menu item.