The DatePicker DSP widget enables the user to select a date from a drop-down calendar.



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Standard Triggers

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By default, the DatePicker widget is mapped to the HTML date input control (<input type="date">). Its appearance depends on the browser and operating system. Browsers that support this type will display a native date picker when the user tries to enter a date.

Date Picker in Chrome on Windows

Graphical content.

Date Picker on Android Phone

Datepicker widget displayed in Uniface Previewer App on Android mobile phone

For fields with Uniface data type Date, it is possible to use the Datepicker widget for user input. However, if a browser does not support the Datepicker, an HTML text input control is used instead.

When a text input control is used, NLS display formats are applied but a locale is applied only if a value has been set using $webinfo("Locale"). If this has not been set or the value is not recognized, the locale defaults to "en", meaning that only English text is displayed in formats that call for text. For more information, see Display Formats for Date and Time in Dynamic Server Pages and $webinfo("Locale").

Depending on the browser, the OnChange trigger may be fired more than once for the Datepicker widget or other native HTML5 controls for Time, Datetime-Local, Week, Month, and so on. For more information, see OnChange.

Widget Properties

The DatePicker widget supports HTML 5 attributes and CSS3 style properties. For more information, see Widget Properties for Dynamic Server Pages.

The following restrictions apply:

  • For the Text Alignment (style:text-align) property, the value justify is not supported.