Form window property that specifies the reading orientation of a form at runtime. If set to right-to-left, the layout and text orientation are mirrored.



Physical Property Name Direction
Dynamic? No
Default value 0




0 (Default)

Use the value defined in the assignment file.

1 Right to Left

Text is read from right to left. Use for right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

2 Left to Right

Text is read from left to right.


This property overrides the assignment setting $RTL_APPLICATION, if it is present.

It is not possible to set this property in Proc.

Tip: If you want to set the direction of a specific field, specify RTL or LTR code in the Field Layout.

If Direction is set to Right to Left, this is applied even when running on a left-to-right Windows system. Similarly, if Direction is Left to Right, the form or field will read from left to right on a right-to-left system.

LTR Form with Contained Form with Direction Right to Left
Form with contained form in Hebrew.