What's New in the Documentation for this Patch (

The Uniface 9 documentation is regularly updated to reflect new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and user feedback.

Significant documentation changes are listed here. For the complete list of new software features, bug fixes, and platform support updates, see Fixes and Updates on community.uniface.com.

Feature: TLS support has been added for SMTP and POP mail connections using UPOPMAIL

The UPOPMAIL component can now create TLS connections with an SMTP or POP server. For TCP, connections over IP6 are now also supported.

When using TLS for sending mails, you may need to use the SMTP AUTH LOGIN security driver to provide a user name and password.

For more information, see LogonMail and LogonSMTP.

Doc Maintenance: Clarified Message Level 128 for UARs.

For more information, see Message Level 128: All Calls to Global Objects and Descriptors.

Doc Maintenance: Clarified use of UST switches when pre-starting Uniface Servers.

For more information, see [PRE_START].

Doc Maintenance: Clarified how to specify a popup window.

For more information, see Popup Window.