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The Uniface 9 documentation is regularly updated to reflect new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and user feedback.

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Issue 32138: Network connection strings

In network connection strings, the HostID, PortNumber, UserName, and Password may be replaced by a question mark (?) or omitted completely. If one of these elements is omitted, the corresponding part of a default path is used. If a question mark is specified, either in the network connection string or in a default path, a logon dialog is displayed. For more information, see Network Connection Strings.

Issue 32157: LogonSMTP returns -8 if certificates required by STARTTLS security driver cannot be found.

This can occur if the certificate file or location is not correctly specified (using USYS$TLS_PARAM), or if the specified file does not contain the correct certificate. For more information, see LogonSMTP and SMTP STARTTLS Security Driver .

Issue 32159: Values returned by UPOPMAIL GetSMTPResponse have been updated

If there is no response from the SMTP server, GetSMTPResponse returns empty values for the reply code or message. If authentication fails when setting the security context, an error code of 535 is returned. FOr more information, see GetSMTPResponse.