Resource Bundle for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps typically have an icon that represents the app on each mobile device and a splash screen that is displayed when it is started. These are platform-specific resources that must be built into the app. The images used for icons and splash screens are delivered as a resource bundle when the mobile app shell is submitted to Buildozer.

Note:  If you do not provide your own icons or splash screens, the default Uniface icon and splash screen are built into your app.

The mobile app shell has a Resources Folder property that specifies the directory where the mobile app resources are located. This directory must conform to a defined structure and it must not be \resources directory to which Uniface compiles its output.

Tip: If you use the Resource Folder Maintenance tool to specify images, Uniface automatically creates the required directory structure. For more information, see Prepare a Resource Bundle.

Resource Folder Structure and File Names

The directory structure required for the mobile resources bundle must contain an imgs directory with \icons and \screens subdirectories. Each subdirectory has platform-specific directories containing image files appropriate to the respective platform.

Directory Structure for Mobile App Images

Directory structure of app resource bundle

The names of the files for each platform are pre-defined and must conform to the image requirements of the platform.

Android Images

The images for Android icons and splash screens should conform to the names and sizes provided in the following tables.

Icons for Android Platforms
Icon Size File Name Description
LDPI 36x36 icon-36-ldpi.png Small
MDPI 48x48 icon-48-mdpi.png Medium
HDPI 72x72 icon-72-hdpi.png Large
XHDPI 96x96 icon-96-xhdpi.png Very Large
XXHDPI 144 × 144 icon-144-xxhdpi.png Extra Large
XXXHDPI 192x192 icon-192-xxxhdpi.png Extra Extra Large

For Android splash screens, you must use resizable NinePatch PNG images (.9.png). Android automatically scales the image to the appropriate size for the device. For more information, consult the Android documentation, for example Create resizable bitmaps (9-Patch files). You can download a standalone Draw 9-patch tool from

Splash Screens for Android Platforms
Splash Screen Size File Name Target Device
Portrait LDPI 320x426 screen-ldpi-portrait.9.png Low-DPI devices
Portrait MDPI 320x470 screen-mdpi-portrait.9.png Mid-DPI devices
Portrait HDPI 480x640 screen-hdpi-portrait.9.png High-DPI devices
Portrait XHDPI 720x960 screen-xhdpi-portrait.9.png Extra high-DPI devices
Lansdscape LDPI 426x320 screen-ldpi-landscape.9.png Low-DPI devices
Lansdscape MDPI 470x320 screen-mdpi-landscape.9.png Mid-DPI devices
Lansdscape HDPI 640x480 screen-hdpi-landscape.9.png High-DPI devices
Lansdscape XHDPI 960x720 screen-xhdpi-landscape.9.png Extra high-DPI devices

iOS Images

Icons for iOS must comply to specific standards such as a 24-bit depth. For more information, see iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Icon and Image Sizes.

The images for iOS icons and splash screens should conform to the names provided in the following tables.

Icons for iOS Platforms
Icon Size File Name Target Devices
Notifications 20x20 icon-20.png iPhone and iPad
Notification 2x 40x40 icon-20-2x.png iPhone and iPad
Notification 3x 60x60 icon-20-3x.png iPhone and iPad
Settings 29x29


iPhone and iPad
Settings 2x 58x58


iPhone and iPad
Settings 3x 87x87


Spotlight 40x40


Spotlight 2x 80x80 icon-40-3x.png iPhone and iPad
iPhone App 2x 120x120


iPhone App 3x 180x180


iPhone App 1024x1024


iPad App 76x76


iPad App 2x 152x152


iPad Pro App 2x 167x167 icon-83.5-2x.png iPad
Splash Screens for iOS Platforms
Splash Screen Size File Name
Portrait iPhone 2x 640x960 screen-iphone-portrait-2x.png
Portrait iPhone 568h 2x 640x1136 screen-iphone-portrait-568h-2x.png
Portrait iPhone 667h 2x 750x1334 screen-iphone-portrait-667h-2x.png
Portrait iPhone 736h 3x 1242x2208 screen-iphone-portrait-736h-3x.png
Portrait iPhone 2436h 3x 1125x2436 screen-iphone-portrait-2436h.png
Landscape iPhone 736h 3x 2208x1242 screen-iphone-landscape-736h-3x.png
Landscape iPhone 2436h 3x 2436x1125 screen-iphone-landscape-2436h.png
Portrait iPad 768x1024 screen-ipad-portrait.png
Portrait iPad 2x 1536x2048 screen-ipad-portrait-2x.png
Landscape iPad 1024x768 screen-ipad-landscape.png
Landscape iPad 2x 2048x1536 screen-ipad-landscape-2x.png