Use this trigger to program behavior when data in the DSP widget is interactively changed by the user. The trigger is not activated when data is changed by the Uniface JavaScript API.

webtrigger OnChangeOptional scope blockOptional variables blockjavascriptJavascript to implement the client-side triggerendjavascriptend

- or -

trigger OnChangeOptional scope blockOptional variables blockProc code to implement a server-side triggerend




The OnChange trigger may be fired more than once for the Datepicker widget, or any native HTML5 controls, such as for Time, Datetime-Local, Week, Month, which are mapped to the Uniface physical widget htmlinput with html:type set to date.

The user interface used by the browser to display the date picker determines when the OnChange trigger is fired. For example, in Chrome and Firefox, the OnChange trigger is fired every time a day, month, or year is changed, whereas in Edge, it is fired only when the check box is clicked.

Tip: If you want to get the Datepicker value that was changed by the user, use the OnBlur trigger rather than the OnChange trigger.