tls ca file | directory

On Unix, specify the location of the CA certificate used to validate the LDAP server.

USYS$LDP_PARAMS { = } tls ca file | tlscafil=PemFIle

USYS$LDP_PARAMS { = } tls ca directory | tlscadir =CaDir

Example: USYS$LDP_PARAMS tlscafil=/certicates/certificate_file.pem


  • PemFIle—fully-qualified file name of the CA certificate in PEM format.
  • CaDir—directory containing the CA certificates with hashed file names.


On Unix, the CA certificate required to validate the LDAP server may be specified as a PEM file or in a directory of hashed file names.

The options tls ca file and tls ca directory are mutually exclusive. Setting either one implicitly sets tls server validation=validate (if it is not specified).

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