Data Validation

Uniface validates modified data to ensure that it is correct, meaning that it conforms to the declarative and procedural rules defined by the developer. Declarative validation is based on modeled fields and entities. Procedural validation is provided by the Validate triggers. Validation can be initiated explicitly or implicitly.

Data can be modified by the user in an interactive session, or by ProcScript instructions in any component type. In either case, modified data is validated the moment there is a need for it, for example, on a store to the database. You can also force data validation using the ProcScript functions validate, validateocc, validatekey, and validatefield.

In Form components, validation is automatically initiated when the user navigates out of a modified object. By default, a field is prevented from losing focus when validation fails, but this can be changed by redefining the error triggers. You can check whether a field, key, or occurrence requires validation using the ProcScript functions $fieldvalidation, $keyvalidation, or $occvalidation.

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