SOAP Connector

The Uniface SOAP connector handles call-out to Web services. It translates Uniface activate statements into XML (based on data type mapping between Uniface and the web service XML schema), creates the SOAP envelope, sends the request, and receives and parses the reply.

Connector Description
Mnemonic: SOP
Supported Version: U2.0, U1.0

Supported Versions

  • U2.0—supports the binding styles allowed by WS-I Basic Profile 1.1. They are RPC/Literal, Document/Literal Wrapped, and Document/Literal Bare.
  • U1.0—supports only RPC/Encoded binding style and is limited to Microsoft Windows because it uses the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit.

    Note:  This connector is provided for backward compatibility. It is not supported on 64-bit clients. For new applications, it is best to use the SOAP connector U2.0.

For more information on binding styles, see WSDL.

The following illustrations show how a Uniface component calls out to a Web service via SOAP connectors U1.0 and U2.0:

Call-Out Using U2.0 SOAP Connector

Callou using SOAP 2.0 connector

Call-Out Using U1.0 SOAP Connector

Callout using SOAP 1.0 connector