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The Uniface 10 documentation is regularly updated to reflect new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and user feedback.

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Currency: New MQL connector to support MySQL 8 on Windows

Version 5.0 of the MQL connector is now available. To use this connector, you need to copy libmysql.dll from connector folder of the MySQL installation to the common\bin folder of the Uniface installation.

Note: Be sure to copy the correct version. The 32-bit and 64-bit versions are not binary compatible.

For more information, see MySQL .

Issue 32087: Display format errors in numeric fields

If a display format pattern (DIS(Pattern) or DIS($NLS(Pattern) consists of illegal characters, or it contains legal characters that are combined into an invalid display format, a compiler warning is issued, the display format is ignored, and the scaling defined by the database interface is applied.

This behavior is applicable to both form and dynamic server page components. Prior to this patch, this resulted in a format error in form components.

For more information, see Display Formats for Numeric and Float Data and Display Formats for Numeric and Float Data in Dynamic Server Pages

Doc Maintenance: Added list of unsupported ProcScript

ProcScript commands that were deprecated in Uniface 9 are not supported in Uniface 10. They result in a warning message when compiled and must be replaced by the current ProcScript command. For more information, see Uniface 10: Changes in ProcScript.