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The Uniface 10 documentation is regularly updated to reflect new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and user feedback.

Significant documentation changes are listed here. For the complete list of new software features, bug fixes, and platform support updates, see Fixes and Updates on uniface.info.

Feature: Format error when data type and htmlinput type are incompatible

If the HTML control generated by the DSP htmlinput widget is unable to correctly format the data for its input type, a format error results and an exception is displayed in the web browser's console. For more information on supported data types and how data is formatted for each htmlinput type, see htmlinput.

Documentation: Restructured widget documentation

The widget documentation has been restructured to emphasize physical widgets rather than logical widgets.

In the past, the documentation discussed widgets in terms of logical widgets because these are visible in development environment when you select the widget type for a field.

However, logical widgets are just user-defined configurations for physical widgets. Uniface supplies a default set of logical widgets but you can define your own, in which case the emphasis on Uniface's own logical widgets is not helpful. It is the physical widgets that provide the functionality and determine the properties a widget can have.

For more information, see following topics and their sub-topics:

Issue 31930: Improved consistency in numeric handling provided by $number

A new version of the ICU (International Components for Unicode) libraries was integrated in 9.7.05 and 10.3.01. This resulted in some missing functionality and errors in numeric handling performed by $number. These have been corrected, and some inconsistencies reduced.

The improved consistency results in the following differences compared with Uniface 9.7.04:

  • Trailing minus sign is now supported for basic numeric strings and scientific notation.
  • Bracketed numbers are now seen as negative, also when using NLS locales.
  • All white space is now ignored. In previous versions, white spaces were ignored in bracketed numbers, caused an error when outside the brackets, but caused truncation in scientific notation.
  • All digit group separators are now ignored. In previous versions, they were ignored in basic numbers but caused truncation in scientific notation.
  • NLS locales are now applied to scientific notation. This affects the interpretation of the number because the decimal point and digit group separators are NLS locale-specific.

For more information, see $number.

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