webtrigger onSyntaxErrorResolved

The onSyntaxErrorResolved web trigger is used to customize behavior when a field syntax error has been corrected.

webtrigger onSyntaxErrorResolved
Optional variables block
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Parameters: None
Applies to: This trigger is applicable only on HTML-based DSP widgets that can get and lose focus:
Activation: Activated when a field syntax error has been corrected by the user.
Default behavior: None
Behavior upon completion: None

Return Values

The onSyntaxErrorResolved trigger can return undefined (no return value), true, or false.


When an error is corrected (that is, when a field was in error and now is not), the onSyntaxErrorResolved trigger is executed, if implemented for the field. It enables you to reverse any effects that you may have implemented in the onSyntaxError web trigger, when an error was first detected.

If the onSyntaxError trigger has been implemented on the same field, and returns true or nothing, then any highlighting and error labels will be hidden after the onSyntaxErrorResolved trigger completes.

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