Greater control over the attachment of widgets to splitter bars or window borders at runtime. Whilst it is possible to dynamically set the ATTACH property of a widget, it is not currently possible to control what the widget attaches to via proc (this is determined by the position of splitter bars and fields during development). It would be useful to have the ability to disable a splitter bar dynamically, allowing widgets which were attached to it to attach instead to the next splitter bar (or window border).

Use Case

For example a form has two editboxes painted side by side with a vertical splitter bar in the middle. The editboxes are attached (left and right) so that the user can re-size as necessary. If the information in the right hand editbox is no longer required it could be hidden, and by disabling the splitter bar, the left hand editbox would stretch across and attach to the right window border.


Having some control over splitter bars would further extend the dynamic layout abilities of Uniface 9 and allow greater flexibility when creating user interfaces.


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Operating System




One thought on “Split Bar: Dynamic control over splitter bars”

  1. Please be advised that the need for using split bars has been greatly reduced inĀ Uniface 9.6.03 (9.6.02 plus service pack MX02)

    The Attach to Window Border (ATTACH) widget property has been significantly enhanced.

    New values enable you to choose whether to re-size attached widgets, or maintain the same size and simply move the widget with the border or split bar.

    A new extended trigger is available on the Form Container and Tabex widgets.

    The Resized trigger allows you to control the response of the widget when the widget is re-sized.

    For example, you could display a different component when the size is larger or smaller than a specified size.

    The Radio Group widget now also supports the Attach and AttachMargin properties.

    Alas the specific Use Case in this wish is not solved by these enhancements.

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