At the moment there is only the possibility to define the URL of the WSDL in the properties of the signature.

Use Case

It would be convenient if there is a possibility to add the URL of the WSDL to the properties of the proc statement newinstance. By string substitution (%%url%%% or %%$logical(\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\")%%%) it is possible to let the URL be determined at runtime. This functionality is convenient in the case where there is more than 1 webserver on which the same WSDL can be found (for example production, test, development, etc). It could be that there are running webservers on different machines (running on different hosts) or more webservers running on 1 machine (running on different ports).





Operating System

Not Applicable



2 thoughts on “Dynamically determine URL of WSDL at runtime”

  1. At the moment we have defined 20 signatures for the same WSDL to give the customers using our software a little bit of flexibility but we determine the hostnames and portnumbers. If this wish is available in Uniface, then we can give our customers more flexibililty and they can choose the portnumbers and the hostnames for themselves.

  2. Since the version 9.6.03 patch X301 it is now possible to dynamically set the endpoint URL of a web service. The $signatureproperties enables you to set SOAP U2.0 connector options in Proc. A new svc connector option defines the endpoint for a SOAP web service.

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