Given that the help for retrieve/reconnect includes the following Caution: Included entities are an exception. The fields of included entities are emptied if the field is not represented by an element within the stream. All the fields of the included entity must be included in the XML stream, otherwise data is lost during reconnect. It should be made much more easy to include all fields of an included entity in the DTD structure. Otherwise the use of this technology to transfer data within Uniface promotes the accidental loss of data. There should be some meta definition possible within the DTD which causes a recompile /rebuild to automatically include the rest of the (database) fields from the entity. At the very least, it should be possible to \'load fields\' into a previously populated entity, with all selected fields being added if necessary.

Use Case

A setting in the node on the DTD editor which translates to \'All fields\'/\'All non-database fields\'. An option within the compiler which causes the DTD definitions to be rebuilt from this meta data before compilation.


Maintenance of ongoing changes in the database. A focussed development may work correctly, but when data is passed using another DTD, and stored by pre-existing code, the new data may well be wiped.


Uniface Development Environment

Operating System




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