Engaging with customers, listening to great Uniface 9.6 feedback


I’m sat at the back of day two of this years Eastern Europe customer event listening to Christian’s presentation about Uniface on mobile devices which is the last presentation, and one of the most interesting in my opinion.

It’s been a great couple of days, I really enjoy chatting to customers from around the globe.

I’ve always tried to get ‘out and about’, meeting customers either at events, visiting at customer workplaces, or customers coming to the lab, and it’s really interesting to hear how they are using Uniface, the challenges they have, and how to resolve them.

What was interesting here in Kurdejov, in the Czech Republic, is that from all the customers, everybody is using Uniface 9. The first time this has happened when I’ve asked the audience.

Even though customers have already moved to Uniface 9, there is a lot of interest in Uniface 9.6 (have we created a monster?!), and just like the UK event in Coventry the other week, we had to remove people out of the workshops, seems like some people didn’t want to go home!

We’re planning to add more functionality into Uniface 9.6 over the coming couple of years, something tells me that the workshops are going to be updated and repeated.  (sorry George!).

Yours truly presenting at the Czech User Group event
Yours truly presenting at the Czech User Group event


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