The export/import of a complete model does not remove the deleted fields on the target System.

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  1. This has been like this for a very long time. There may be a wishlist on here somewhere referencing the issue with respect to the version control interface when it switched from UVCS.

    I do know that they are changing something to do with the export and import of entities as opposed to models in version 10.

  2. Another option if you have access to the Case Bridge Cookbook:

    Use case unload of the complete model and add to the file the “cleanup” modification code “C” which removes all objects not mentioned from the target object before loading it again (give it a test first, I’m not sure if it works now the same way as I tested it in 7.2)

    Gutes Neues Jahr

    1. The CIF documentation says : “C” Clean a complete model or entities, meaning that all its
      associated entities that are unaffected by the CIF file are removed. ******** Because it’s not guaranteed any more that all repository info is transported via the CIF file, it may be wise to use this case/load to delete the unmentioned objects only ****** And then import the Data Model from a standard import to get all the infos in the repository.

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