The function $ude(\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"export\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\", ... ) misses an option to exclude Uniface Defaults. This op IS available on the Export form. The function $ude(\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"compile\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\", ... ) misses and option to specfiy switches that ARE available on the commandline: /war, /inf, /lis The function $ude(\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"delete\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\", ...) misses options to actually delete objects from the repository.

Use Case

The function $ude invites programmers to develop their own tools on the dictionary. To do this right they need ALL functionality that is available through the forms and the commandline of the IDF, or the undocumented but widely used ICOMP routine. The business case is in making it possible to automate software management processes like moving software from a Test to a Production enviroment etc, etc. Automating processes like reduce the chance for human mistakes, and reduces the number of hours that technical system mangers have to spend on this.


For me this wish is important because when it is implemented I can automate migrations to Uniface 9 even further. The benefits for other Uniface users are stated in the business case.



Operating System

Not Applicable



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  1. Hi,

    i was looking to automate the process of moving forms from test to production and before i do this, i need to make a CLEAN UP and COMPILE before i do the copy form to production base, we can compile the form with $ude, but can i do the CLEAN UP using comands?


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