Face2Face Spring meeting 2013

On April 24 and 25 the Benelux Uniface Usergroup Face2Face met in Antwerp (Belgium) at the UZA (University Hospital Antwerp).

One of the good things about a meeting in Belgium is of course large availability of Belgium Beers. Therefor the F2F team decided to have a social event at the day before the actual meeting was held.

The event started with a round tour at brewery ‘T Pakhuis near the Antwerp harbour, which is a very nice area to visit when you have the opportunity.

The participants got a good lesson in brewing and tasting beer. The last part was obviously the most important. After dinner the group moved to “De Grote Markt” to have some Antwerp “Bollekes”, not too many of course because everbody wanted to be clear for the event on the next day ;-).

The theme of the day was Uniface Modernization and User Experience. In his presentation “The new user experience” Peter Cammaer of UZA explained the expectations of UZA for the future look and feel of Uniface applications. In the second part of the presentation Uniface’s Theo Neeskens showed the before and after images of a frequently used UZA application form. In only a few days Berry Kuijer and had been able to implement significant User Experience improvements without touching any significant piece of the UZA code.



After this session the winner of the 2013 Uniface Global Challenge was announced. This year the Unividuals team with Lammersma and Mark Visser had the best application and presentation, followed closely by the Japanese team!

The lunch break was again a nice example of the Belgium Burgundian lifestyle. Excellent food and wine.

In the afternoon sessions were held by Norbert Huijzer from Unividuals about modernization (Doe Iets!) and Theo showed new Uniface samples available on uniface.info.

Ivan Boels from Xperthis gave a very interesting presentation on integration with Source Control and Xtask. Atopic many Uniface developers are dealing with: