\\\"Some issues on Field layout can be simplified. This wish is NOT to be intended an \\\"\\\"international issue\\\"\\\" in terms of how to define the Layout depending on a Language. This is maybe worth another wish or a discussion threat. There are several situations in our application and projects, where we need enhanced features of the \\\"\\\"Field Layout Definition\\\"\\\". (1) Layout-Definition at runtime - The layout of a field within a Grid needs to be adapted. Since our user can choose some additional information to display, they can be either numeric or Text-information. Depending on the content we want to display this information right-aligned or left-aligned. This decision can be done only at runtime. For this kind of issue we need within a grid the possibility to display the data in the desired Layout definition. - There are possibly some \\\"\\\"old needs\\\"\\\" coming from version 7. To get the data correct formatted we did insert a couple of spaces. As long as the field size and the font were fixed, it did run. Using grid-widgets and different fonts, we need a way to get fields right-aligned in runtime. - Statements like $layout and $fieldlayout can be very useful. (2) A changeable layout-Definition on Field-level in Services. The second situation is in Services. The uniface-developers thought \\\"\\\"Field layout\\\"\\\" is not necessary for services, so they greyed them out! (since V8). This is definitly wrong. If you try to build an XML-stream (in a service) or prepare the fields for another output, the \\\"\\\"Layout\\\"\\\"-Definition becomes important! If there is another layout-definition in the model, you cannot change the layout on external level in services (in an official way)! Please OPEN the Layout definition of fields in all kind of services! Alternatively (based on (1)) : Give us a possibility to change the layout definition at run-time (even for services).\\\"

Use Case

Layout Definition on field definitions: - a possibility to change the model defined Layout Definition in a service - a way to define/change the Layout at runtime of specific fields or instances of fields (similar to $fieldpropertiers and $properties) - The Layout definition should be read or set via function (e.g. $layout, $fieldlayout) This should work for: * Fields and Grid-Widget-Fields * all types of components (Forms, Services, Session services, Entity services...) * Model-defined fields and dummy-fields.




Operating System

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