Currently you can use #file in asn files to include other asn files . This is not implemented for ini files. Would be nice to run one master INI file with only the [PRINTER] section specific for each user using #file

Use Case

ini file(s)





Operating System




4 thoughts on “#file statement for ini files”

    1. Maybe, but then how about #file in the asn file. would another specific example not be solved by putting the generic settings for all users in the usys.asn and just the entity section in an .asn per end user?

      Same thing, but it’s only implemented in the asn file. If we want to be consistent then it should be implemented in both

      Just my thoughts

  1. INI files are becoming increasingly complex and ULab from time to time need to address something new into them (being U97 an example).

    IMHO we need to support 3 minimum levels: URuntime basic, UApplication basic, UApplication specifics.
    Application specifics are configuration parameters specialized per user, per workstation.
    Level 1: USYSADM => USYS.INI
    Level 2: /adm => UApplication.ini or usys.ini
    Level 3: /ini => UApplicationUser.ini specifics
    Devy’s proposal on #file could be a nice step forward being able to link level 2 and level 3 as needed…

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