This has been a long standing issue - the Remove First Tab In Each Line Of Selected Text button doesn\\\'t work if at least one of the selected lines doesn\\\'t have a tab at the start of the line. To make sure it works, you have to scan the entire selection and manually add however many tabs are required (to be removed!) at the start of all the lines that don\\\'t have a sufficient amount. Essentially, you have to add tabs to remove tabs. This is ridiculous.

Use Case

Select 2 lines of code, where one has a tab at the start and the other doesn\\\'t. Then click the remove-indentation button. Nothing will happen. You have to manually add a tab (or indent) to the line without one before the button will work.


Large sections of code could then be reliably formatted without the need of manually inserting tabs first


Uniface Development Environment

Operating System




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