Issue 27922  —   SSP does not run in the same transaction as the Uniface component.

Status:   Solved in 10.2.01

Solution available in patch(es):      G102


 Database i/o that is done in a Server Stored Procedure (SSP) is not part of the
 main transaction.

 +Uniface: Version 8.4.02 (and higher)
 +Operating System: OS independent
 +Database: All databases that use transactions

 The documentation about SSPs contains the following information:

 "When the accessed entity is a Uniface Server, stored procedures are executed
 on the Uniface Server. This is because it must belong to the same transaction
 as the entity on the Uniface component".

 However, testing shows that database interaction in the SSP does not happen in
 the main transaction. This means for example commit in 4GL has no effect on the
 executed SSP.


 Add "commit" in the SSP.
 Without tranaction=true commit in Uniface component also commits actions SSP:
 One can see in log file no new path is opened for the SSP.