Issue 30768  —   Grid: <READ> trigger fires for occurrences not read yet after a store/e/complete

Status:   Solved in 10.2.01

Solution available in patch(es):      MG01


 When the grid widget is used, doing a store/complete fires the <READ> trigger
 for occurrences that are not yet read.

 +Uniface: Versions Eight and Nine
 +Operating System: OS independent
 +Database: DBMS independent

 1. A grid widget represents an entity.
 2. Data from this entity is retrieved using a stepped hitlist.
 3. A store/e/complete is executed:
     The store/complete instruction completes the hitlist before
     the store process is executed, allowing users to periodically
     store changes without disrupting the list of occurrences they
     are working on.

 Actual behavior:
 When the store has been completed the <READ> trigger fires for
 occurrences not read yet from the complete hitlist.
 This behavior does not occur when the entity is represented
 via a multi occurrence paint instead of a grid.

 Expected behavior:
 The hitlist should be completed and
 the store should be done,
 but the <READ> trigger should not fire for the occurrences
 that have not been read yet.


 There is no known workaround for this problem.