Issue 31083  —   HTML5 controls : DSP widget loses focus after onChange trigger is fired

Status:   Solved in 10.2.01

Solution available in patch(es):      G101


 Summary:   HTML5 controls : DSP widget loses focus after onChange trigger is

 +Uniface: Uniface 9.7
 +Operating System: OS independent
 +Database: DBMS independent
  - When using HTML5 controls,
  - Browser specific behavior (details below)

 To reproduce:
 1. A DSP widget on a DSP has proc code in the OnChange trigger.
 2. Enter some data and tab from this field to the next field

    Result: the cursor disappears and no data can be entered in the next field.

 This problem happens:
 - Using  HTML5 controls
 - Browsers:
   - In all browsers when using trigger OnChange
   - In Internet Explorer using webtrigger OnChange
   - Using webtrigger OnChange in Chrome or Firefox this problem does not occur.

 Additionally, when radiogroup item A has focus and a user uses the arrow keys
 to move focus to radiogroup item B, the focus is lost.

 An example:
   An entity with 3 fields are painted on a DSP.
   In the Onchange trigger for field F1:

   trigger OnChange
     public web

   In the OnChange trigger F2 for field F2

   webtrigger onChange
       var Occ = uniface.getInstance().getEntity("E1.TEST").getOccurrence(0);

 Click in field F1 or in field F2, type something and tab to the next field.
 Result is there is no cursor and no value can be entered.

 In fact bug 28916 (Problems after using TAB key in a field on a DSP when
 OnChange trigger is used) and bug 29555 (Field on DSP cannot be reached with
 TAB key) reappear when using HTML5 controls.


 There is no known workaround for this problem.


 When a trigger or operation is called, fields that are in scope are not
 disabled any more, since this would prevent them from receiving focus; instead,
 they are set to read-only for the duration of the request.
 Additionally, elements are not destroyed and re-created if no changes were made
 to a field's valrep, since this would effectively remove focus from the
 elements that were destroyed.