Issue 31157  —   Support for MIMEType application/json is missing

Status:   Solved in 10.2.01

Solution available in patch(es):      MG01


 Support for the MIMEType application/json is missing

  +Uniface: Version 9.7.01
  +Operating System: OS independent
  +Database: DBMS independent

 It should be possible to use a USP to handle an HTTP request or send back an
 HTTP response with MIMEType "application/json" as the content type and JSON
 text (RTF 4627) as the content data.


 Use application/text.


 2016-04-15 BDA Added Supported Media Types topic to 9702 and 10201

 The WRD has been upgraded to version 5.5. It now supports HTTP requests and
 responses with content-type application/json.
 It can be used with J2SE 1.5 (not recommended), but for UTF-32 encoded content
 data of HTTP requests with content-type application/json, the WRD requires the
 version of the Java runtime to be J2SE 1.6 or higher.