Issue 31169  —   URouter threading problem when the server start up times out

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.2.01

Solution available in patch(es):      X804    MG01


 URouter has a threading issue when the server start up times out.

  +Uniface: Version 9.6.xx
  +Operating System: OS independent
  +Database: DBMS independent

 When URouter is very busy and UServers take a long time to start up, this
 can produce these errors:

    err=-25: getsrv: got server but net disappeared sid=87
    server sid=0 is dead
    err=-25: thpsv: Problems handling request


 It only occurs on systems that are slow to create userver processes,
 maybe because the system is very busy, low on memory, or there is a
 network problem preventing UServers from reporting back to the URouter
 within one minute.
 If this is the situation you can set the timeout for UServers to report
 back to higher than one minute.
   For example:
     $NET_TIMEOUT sct=2m
 in the URouter .asn file, section [settings]. This will set the
 timeout to two minutes.