Issue 31179  —   The Uniface 9.7 usys.ini file contains incorrect font settings

Status:   Solved in 10.2.01

Solution available in patch(es):      MG01


 The Uniface 9.7 usys.ini file always contains the "Central European" font, even
 if "Western European" is selected at installation time.

  +Uniface: Version 9.7.01
  +Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  +Database: DBMS independent


 These are the font definitions in usys.ini after installation.

 ; Default label font
 Label=Arial,Central European,8,regular

 ; Some custom logical fonts
 HyperLabel=Arial,Central European,8,underline

 ; Font for labels that represent form texts
 FormText=Courier New,Central European,9,regular

 ; Canvas fonts
 ; If the canvas font changes, so should the other following fonts.
 font0=Courier New,Central European,9,regular

 ; Logical fonts used by Development environment
 EditFont=Arial,Central European,8,regular
 ListFont=Arial,Central European,8,regular
 GFP=Arial,Central European,8,regular
 ButtonFont=Arial,Central European,8,regular
 DiagramFont=Arial,Central European,8,regular

 ; Logical fonts used by panel, toolbar, messageline and debugger
 combo=Arial,Central European,8,regular
 debug=Arial,Central European,8,regular
 buttons=Arial,Central European,8,regular
 messagefont=Arial,Central European,8,regular

 In previous Uniface versions these fonts were set to "Western".


 As a workaround it is possible to modify the usys.ini manually after
 installation by replacing all occurrences of "Central European" with "Western"
 in the [screen] section.