Issue 31583  —   UF10: Typo in snippets for field level on error trigger for FRMs

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 The snippet for the field level on error trigger for Forms, as provided in the
 defaults in the Snippet Library USCRIPT_ENT contains a typo which leads to the
 following compiler error:
 (5\ERROR) error: 1000  (Blockdata) Label $DATAERRORCONTEX not found (at line:


 To fix / workaround:
 1. Open snippet Library USCRIPT_ENT
 2. Switch to 'Write Script" worksheet
 3. Select snippet U34_ERROR_FRM.PROCSCRIPT
 Navigate to line 47 of the snippet text and correct the typo: message/error "A
 validation error occurred %%($dataerrorcontext)"
 The exact same problem occurs for the snippet U34_ERROR_FRM.PROCSCRIPT in
 Snippet Library USCRIPT_FRM