Issue 31619  —   Use of map files for copying data does not work

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 Summary: Use of map files for data copying does not work
 When you try to copy data with either the /cpy command line switch, or using
 the "Convert Data" screen, using a map file, it does not work.
 In Uniface 9.6.08 you always get the message that the output file or table
 cannot be opened.
 In Uniface 9.7.03 you get the message that x records were mapped, but in
 reality no mapping has been done.
 Exception are the Uniface entities (the entities of the DICT model, but the
 entities that you add to it). They are mapped as expected.

 +Uniface Version  : 10.2.01
 +Operating System : OS independent
 +Database         : DBMS independent

 Reproduction scenario:
 1. Create an entity
 2. Put some data in it
 3. Create a map file that changes the data
 4. With the /cpy command line switch copy the data from DEF to XML
 5. Inspect the XML

 Actual Result:
 9.6.08: no output is created
 9.7.03: output is created but data is not transformed

 Expected Result:
 Output is created, data is transformed.


 Use non-Uniface tools to transform the data