Issue 31719  —   Non-modal form grabs focus and does not allow changing focus to other form

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 Non-modal form grabs focus and does not allow changing focus to other form.

 Under certain very specific circumstances a non-modal form does not allow
 changing the focus back to the tab form from where it was started.

 The scenario is like this.

 A startup shell A starts a non-modal form F.
 The form F has two buttons that each activate another non-modal form (F1 resp
 You first activate F1 which contains an editbox and a tab widget.
 The tab widget F1 has two tabs, Tab 1 (form F1A) and Tab 2 (form F1B).
 Form F1A is shown by default. Don't click there.
 You click on Tab 2, which showns form F1B. Don't click there either.
 Then you click on the editbox above the tab widget.
 Then you click on the second button in the main form F, to activate the form F2.
 This is a simple non-modal form with an editbox.

 Now the damage is done. You cannot go back to any field in either F1 or F1A.
 When you try it, and enter data, the data appears in form F2 instead of the
 form you wanted.
 You can click back to the main form F and enter data there.
 Even when form F2 is closed, you can still not get back to F1 or F1A.

 This problem only happens when the Form Loses Focus trigger of form F1
 calls an operation in tab form F1A that does something in that form
 (such as assigning a field or clearing an entity). When that operation is not
 called, or when it is called but does not interfere with the screen, there is
 no problem.


 There is no known workaround for this problem.