Issue 31838  —   G315: Form window does not disappear when instance deleted on Windows 10

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 When a form instance is deleted then the corresponding window is not deleted
 immediately when using patch G315 (or higher) on Windows 10.

 +Uniface Version  : 9.7.01 + G315 or later
 +Operating System : OS independent
 +Database         : DBMS independent
 +Browsers         : Browser independent

 Reproduction scenario
 For form FRMA a second (modal) for FRMB is started. When closing the form FRMB
 a sleep is executed in FRMA after the instance of FRMB is deleted.

 On Windows 7 the form window disappears before the sleep statement is executed.
 But on Windows 10 the form window is only deleted after the sleep is executed
 (and Uniface has become idle again).

 This problem occurs in Uniface 9.7 since patch G315.


 There is no known workaround for this problem.