Issue 31893  —   Connection failure (-1) to Azure SQL Database from on-premise Uniface

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 Summary: Logon MSS failed with status -1, Error occurred when database is Azure

 +Uniface Version  : 9.7.05 / 10.3.01
 +Operating System : OS independent
 +Database         : Azure SQL database

 Reproduction scenario:
 1. Deploy MSS SQL database in Azure (Managed Instance)
 2. Configure Uniface on-premise
 3. Configure ODBC connection and test
 4. Configure Uniface to use odbc connection

 Actual Result:
 ODBC connection test passes successful, but Uniface will not be able to
 communicate with the database.
 Loaded 'umss52' from C:\UNIFACE\U9705\common\bin\umss52.dll, version: 9.7.05
 I/O function: L, mode: 0, on driver: MSS; Path: $MSS_REP
 Logon (MSS:azuretest:idfazure|UnifaceAzureTest@username|***) failed with status
 -1, Error occurred
 -----end ioprint ---------

 Expected Result:
 Uniface connects correctly with the database


 There is no known workaround for this problem.


 This problem is solved.