Issue 31964  —   Display format pattern for full month name not always working on DSPs

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 On DSPs, for datatype date and datetime, the display format pattern for month
 full name should accept both upper and lower case letters. This is consistent
 with the behavior from day name pattern. Current behavior only accepts upper
 +Uniface Version  : 9 / 10
 +Operating System : OS independent
 +Database         : DBMS independents
 +Browsers         : Browser independent

 Reproduction scenario
 1. Create a field with a editbox, datatype date
 2. Add field layout: DIS(Aa*, dd-mmm*-yyyy)
 3. Add initial value 12/08/2019
 4. Run DSP

 Expected Result
 widget displays: Monday, 12-August-2019

 Actual Result
 widget displays: Monday, 12-Aug*-2019


 Use upper case letters: MMM*
 For example:  DIS(Aa*, dd-MMM*-yyyy)