Issue 32025  —   Renaming component object IDE no longer works in patch

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 Summary: Renaming component object in IDE no longer works in patch 103.02.020

  +Uniface Version  :
  +Operating System : OS independent
  +Database         : DBMS independent


  With the release of patch 10302020 a bug was introduced that causes an
 inability to change the name of an component field in IDE, either in the field
 list or in the object property pane


  (test 1 - component field list)
  - Open the IDE and create a new project (or open existing)
  - From the Templates, add a 'Component: Dynamic Server Page' to the project
 and open this component and select 'Define Structure' tab
  - From the Templates, add a 'non-dbms entity to the component
  - From the Templates, add a random field (f.e. editbox)
  - Select the random field in the field list and right click -> rename
  - Type a random name and press enter

  (test 2 - object properties pane)
  - In the Object properties pane on the right hand side of the IDE, look for
 Object -> Name
  - Change the name and press enter

  Actual result

  (in both cases)
  - The renaming action does not work, when pressing enter nothing happens
  - After pressing escape (to cancel the name editting) the field name is
 restored to it's original value

  Expected result:

  - renaming action should result in the field getting an other name (obviously)


   The bug does not cause data corruption, and only affects the IDE