Issue 32099  —   Twice compiling component empties datatype struct params in signature

Status:   Planned for resolution in 10.4.01

Solution available in patch(es):


 When compiling an already compiled component that has struct datatype
 parameters in its operations, the datatype in the signature is assigned a wrong
 value and is shown with no datatype value in the Signature Editor.

 Steps to reproduce:
  # Create a component with a public operation that has a parameter of type
  # Compile the component. This implicitly generates a signature for the
  # Open the Signature editor for the generated signature, click on the
 operation name. Observe that the Data Type of the parameter is Struct.
  # Close the signature editor.
  # Compile the component again, without changing anything.
  # Again open the Signature editor for the component and click on the operation
 name. Observe that no Data Type is shown for the parameter.

 Note: this is a problem for the Signature Editor only, the runtime object is
 having the correct values for struct type parameters.


 Manually delete the signature first.