requested by James Kutrubs, Courtview: Current functionality is that transparent hyperlink widgets do not display a focus rectangle when clicked, non-transparent hyperlinks do. It should be possible to set transparency and focus rectangle as separate and independent properties.

Use Case

I don\'t believe you should hook two properties together (Non-Transparency and Focus Rectangle) and assume they will always be used together. These properties should be separated and set independently of each other. Widget properties should be: Transparent = Yes/No Focus Rectangle = Yes/No This will allow for more user friendly screen design and behavior


Gives developer more control over user interface design and behavior. Also, in Uniface 9.4 the behavior is inconsistent. Prior to R109 non-transparent hyperlinks appear transparent (=with background color) and display a focus rectangle, in later patches they appear as white boxes. The desired behavior is to show a hyperlink with the entity background color (transparent) and display a focus rectangle.


Windows GUI

Operating System




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