I / We know: - there was already a poll years ago, but I think is history now... - there is already a discussion on the forum where the U position was clearly defined from Adrian (see - there is a possible workaround having U running under wine... - front-end could mean front-ends (more than one...) because of the different projects the various Linux distribution are following/supporting to put in place efficient support of phones/tablets (ex: MIR coming to substitute X11 on next version Ubuntu)... but... From my perspective the importance of this wish is becoming higher every day more...because all our current VARs need to continue to support the existing (and changing) market until their switching to a new application version based on HTML5 suite. This market change requires long times to happen. In my country there is in place a law that\\\\\\\'s forcing the government structures at all levels: - to adopt open source software as much as possible... - to adopt software running on open source env before software running on other env... To properly support all these a native linux frontend driver is requested.

Use Case

Any existing application should be able to run natively on a Linux client. 3 major distributions should be considered: - RedHat and derivatives - Debian and derivatives - Suse





Operating System




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