UnifAce generate an ID into every component (wich was used to check aganist the signatures in URR file) This ID contains at least a timestamp, if I'm not wrong. Why not provide this information and/or the compiletime by the function $componentinfo. So one can check on runtime if or if not the correct component is in access

Use Case

"Extend the topic list of $componentinfo by ""ID"" : The generated ID of each component. ""COMPSTAMP"": The compiletime of a component. Example: $01=$COMPONENTINFO("""",""ID"") ,$01=""IDxyz"" , The ID $01=$COMPONENTINFO("""",""COMPSTAMP"") ,$01=""20120514104040000"" , Compiletime"


"""Nice to have"", as some customers mix up the FRM's from the productive- and the test-environement :-) With this extension every UnifAce application can create an inventory of components at runtime (just like the version info in DLLs)"


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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