GHANIFIED! examples – advanced Searching with autoupdate

RIA goes more and more popular as people invent new stuff all the time. In this contribution I will take a focus on the famous auto updated searching. This Example shall give you an idea on how to solve this with a Uniface USP component. Learn how to build a better search widget in USP and DSP components

GHANIFIED! examples – advanced Searching with autoupdate

Another fine and well explained contribution, enabling YOU to do better, smarter and faster Server pages with the standard USP component.

[[Media:2318596 right]]

– Will work with UNIFACE 8.x and 9.x!

– Can be combined with a DSP


  • Origins and where we use this
  • The technical aspect
  • Live example
  • The details and enhanced explanation on what happens
  • COMPLETE source code
  • Support from my side
  • implementation of the GHANIFIED! ToolKit


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