GHANweb: modul Uniface entities

When a demo turns into a useable tool – this is the third release of the former Entity Lister which is much mor powerfull and is part of the initial live demo of the GHANweb project. You are invited to get your hands on 🙂

For those of you who like to play around with things … here is your chance. GHANweb joins the accessable demos in the web.

The contribution itself offer detailed informations around the new component and its features:

– Search and Find the entity
– Exporting the entity data
– Customizeable output filters

and as the Demo itself is part of the GHANweb project:

– And new and more professional Template set
– another little demo component
– the beginning of a tool set
– space to put your GHANweb component online 🙂

All this at the usual place:


Looking forward to get your feedback on that 🙂



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