GHANweb v0.2 – Uniface web orientated service (updated)

Its time to evolve from single server page solutions! Time to get more efficient and reuse codes. And this is exactly, what we will break loose here with. Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to some tiny service of mine: GHANweb

Time has passed and I hope you guys all are enjoying a good summer holiday! IF NOT then here comes a goody for you!

[[Media:2419012 right]]
GHANWEB is a Uniface service, which takes care of :
– Template loading
– Transporting occurences to the web
– Templating

And with with v0.2 it
– converts you uniface lists into JSON and can
– reformat date fields.

Further the struktur of the templating system has been updated to support component directory. With that you will always have the overview on where you templates are 🙂

As my source editor messed up my previus version of the contribution, I restored it to:

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