\\\"Add an ability to use Gomez to track Actual XF custom events (named, interval and custom value) from within Proc code. eg. activate \\\"\\\"gomez\\\"\\\".NameEvent( \\\"\\\"event name\\\"\\\" )\\\"

Use Case

Currently Gomez support is for web applications and can be used to track not only page load time and page views but also custom events through explicit calls to javascript functions. What I am interested in is extending that support to be able to track timings and counts within a userver application by using Proc code. Performance of this part of the application stack is basically a black hole for when the software is deployed at a customer\\\'s site but it plays a significant part of the entire performance profile.


Would be very useful for us to track performance of remotely deployed applications.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



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