On run-time it should be possible to define the Rowheight of each Row in a Grid. (Based on call 44855.)

Use Case

\\\"The rowheight of a Row in a Grid is determined automatically. It is orientated on the biggest font you use within a row. Under specific circumstances you want to display a \\\"\\\"multiline\\\"\\\"-Box, that is: You want to display two or three lines of contents within a grid cell. There are possibly one or two quite tricky workarounds for this, but this ends up in a lots of calculation. The rowheight of a specific row in a Grid-widget needs to be set at runtime, (a) for each single row, or for all rows of the grid. (b) The row high should be set either in in pixel, or based on the used font within a cell in \\\"\\\"number of lines\\\"\\\". (c) The automatic row-high determination should be either - switched off - or be included (take the maximum of the given value and the automatic detection) A possible solution can be done with a function or a grid-property, where we can read and/or set the rowheight. ( e.g.: $rowheight(Entity, #Occ) or $rowheight(Entity,-1) for all) To solve (b), the function can calculate the heigh of a line of a given font. $rowheight(\\\"\\\"Myfont\\\"\\\") Possibly a \\\"\\\"show\\\"\\\"-statement should then actualize the screen on the defined values.\\\"




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  1. Status = Closed
    The Grid has the property RowHeight (for all rows) and the property CurOccRowHeight (for the current row).
    They can be set in cells or pixels.
    See the What’s new in Uniface 9.5 and Grid sections of the Help.

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