Create method or property to detect what type of widget(grid in my case) is used for entity

Use Case

Fields in Grid widget has specific behavior, some functionality are not supported for fields in grid, some functionality are added(column hidding, column size). My specific problem is ^Zoom functionality and security. Grids needs another implementation .



Proc Code

Operating System

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8 thoughts on “GRID widget detection”

  1. To harvest informations like the one above, the DUR project (dITo Uniface Reflection) uses a 2phase compile.

    After the first compile and cleanup, the registry is insepcted and a lot of information
    is written to an include proc with the name of the component.
    This include proc is included in the DEFINES trigger of the component so it can be used in all code locations.

    When GRID can be detected from the repository, it’s a piece of cake to add that information.

    This way, you can extract all kind of info you need for your implementation (and you can have it NOW)
    Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli

    1. Hi dleveque,

      the DUR concept can handle your request as well,
      because the information collected is in your own hands.
      Pretty easy to adjust to your needs and pretty fast as well.
      and … you can have it NOW !!!

      Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli

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