Current grid widget on desktop (as of 9.7.01) should be enabled to support entities related in UP mode to the main entity of the grid.

Use Case

Standard usage of Up Entities should be the same like in normal component(s): 1) picted field(s) part of related key (PK/CK) normally editable; URuntime should copy PK field(s) value from Up Entity to corresponding field(s) of main entity 2) other picted fields in readonly mode (NED syntax). This behaviour is true unless developer modify Write Up or Delete Up triggers; in this case the default for all picted fields become editable (YED syntax).





Operating System

Not Applicable



3 thoughts on “Grid widget enhancement: up entities”

    1. Adrian,
      a comment after I’ve carefully read the link you’ve published.
      IMHO in today market going back to a customer asking for a wish in line with U product behaviour (historical and current) telling “we will not do it in short term” is quite NOT acceptable anymore; we (Unifacers all together) should find a way to build over these generic small opportunities. We MUST be more market oriented in (very) next future…if this means a new organization, we MUST put it in place…to avoid any misunderstanding I repeat it: IMHO!
      …and sorry if my english is far from perfect…

      1. Hi Gianni, thanks for your feedback. As we have published, there are alternatives, and we do not believe there is the ROI to put enhancements in the grid when compared to other pieces of functionality. Of course we don’t have a view of the whole world and the whole customer base, but if you think that this is significant, then I suggest you contact your account manager (Pier in this case) to he can raise this as a commercial issue.

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