Grid widget. The wish is to have a proc or function to define at run time, (before edit or display instruction), the column (field) to be displayed and the order that will appear on the grid. Example: List_of_fields = “” Putitem List_of_fields, 1, field1 Putitem List_of_fields, 2, field2 Putitem List_of_fields, 3, field3 $entityproperties(entity) = List_of_fields Where List_of_fields is an Indexed list containing the name of the field to be displayed on grid. Grid will show |field1|Field2|Field3| …. and so on The field must be previous painted on IDF. This is a very powerfull feature. With this the developer can create a grid and paint in all field available. End user at run time can chose which field display depending on their needs.

Use Case

For developers but for end user specially.


This is a very important features for all Uniface users. This allow to create grid dynamically based on business role or user preference. (One my customer use this features in a old application write in Visual basic 6)



Operating System




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  1. Status update
    You can already hide and show columns, but it is not possible to change the order of the columns.
    Changed the title from “Grid widget managed dynamically” to “Dynamically change the order of columns in Grid”

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