$rowhide() - Causes the occurrence not to be displayed in the grid widget. $rowhidden() - Returns the current displayed state of the row. Setocc etc work, but where the code reverts to user interaction, the next/previous available occurrence gets focus.

Use Case

Client server pagination and selection filters would be much easier to implement, particularly with reference to being able to later store changes (preserve occ/field mod status) if the displayed data could be filtered after being retrieved from the server. Similar to filters in exchange, which allow for the user to focus on particular rows, and re-expand to mass data at a later stage. Otherwise, a secondary storage of the data and it\\\'s state is required to allow for amendments to be retrieved pre storage.


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One thought on “HIde occurrences in the grid widget”

  1. We have discussed this wish in the Uniface Lab.
    This would require disconnecting the presentation and the internal storage of occurrences.
    It would cause many issues that would need to be resolved, like: what is the active occurrence when the end-user see the cursor blinking in one occurrence when a setocc has been done to another occurrence.
    We cannot implement this wish without radically changing the architecture of Uniface.
    Therefore it is not feasible to implement this wish.

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