How to change the Busy or Processing indicator

How to change the Busy or Processing indicators in Uniface web applications.
From my blog: The Uniface Universe

It seems that many Uniface customers that are developing web applications are not impressed by our carefully designed Busy and Processing indicators:

These indicators are the animated GIF?s busy.gif and processing.gif that can be found in your installation folder. In a typical installation this folder is D:\Program Files (x86)\Compuware\Uniface 9.5.01\uniface\webapps\uniface\common\images\ubusyindicator.

You can replace the standard gif?s with other ones. Just put them in the folder and give them the correct name.

Changing the location where the indicator appears is also possible. It is controlled by the css file D:\Program Files (x86)\Compuware\Uniface 9.5.01\uniface\webapps\uniface\common\css\ubusyindicator\ubusyindicator.css.

Be aware: when you install a new Uniface version or patch these files will get overwritten!
There is no guarantee that a next version of Uniface will use the same files in the same locations.

With a quick search on the web you can find alternatives that may be more to your liking. I quite like these:

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